Family Day held at Segezha Packaging Italy

January 25, 2017

Segezha Packaging Italy recently celebrated the Family Day. The social and entertaining event for employees and their families took place at plant’s premises.

More than 50 guests had the opportunity to gain insight into paper sack production process as well as to learn some interesting facts about the company.

At the beginning of the event, Lorenzo Piergiovanni (Segezha Packaging Italy Plant Director) made his welcome speech to the visitors and presented the operational results for the last year and targets for 2017. Afterwards, the guests were invited to watch the official Segezha Group movie.

The plant tour was the most exciting part of the event for both, adults and children. To keep the small guests entertained, the paper sack production process was presented as a fairy-tale. Moreover, a special attention was given to the environmental protection and reforestation topics. Later, parents with their children took part in the symbolic tree planting in the garden situated on the backside of the factory.

The entertainment part of the Family Day culminated in the pre-printing shop where the employees’ children participated in a printing of a nice artwork for colouring. At the end of the event, some delicious snacks and drinks were offered to the guests.

The Family Day was a great success and all the employees together with their families truly enjoyed this experience.

Segezha Packaging Italy is part of the Paper and Packaging Division of Segezha Group (Sistema JFSC). It was founded in 1950 and currently employs over 60 people.


Segezha Group is one of the largest Russian forest industry holdings with the vertically integrated structure and a full cycle of logging and added-value wood processing. The holding comprises Russian and European enterprises in the forest, wood processing and pulp and paper industries, as well as paper packaging. The geography of the Group’s branches encompasses 12 countries. The production facilities are located in 8 countries, including 6 regions of the Russian Federation. The company’s products are exported to 87 countries across the world. The staff headcount of Segezha Group totals 13.000 people.

Segezha Group is the largest forest user in the European part of Russia with the total forest lease of over 7 million hectares (MHA). 95 % of products is certified. In 2016, the complex afforestation area will exceed 21,000 hectares.  Segezha Group ranks: № 1 in Russia (52%) and № 2 in Europe (16,5%) for paper sack production, № 1 in Russia (71%) and № 4 in Europe in terms of high-quality unbleached sack paper production , № 5 in Russia and the world’s № 7  for large-sized birch plywood production, № 1 in Russia for sawn timber production – 904 thousand cubic meters per year, and № 1 in Russia for glulam house sets – the volume stands at 25,5 thousand cubic meters per year. The output of glulam wooden structures amounts to 58 thousand cubic meters per year.

The ongoing investment program is estimated at over RUB 40 billion.